Our main customers include:

Gumotex, akciová společnost - technical applications of plastics and plastics for industrial use
Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. - mechanical security devices for motor vehicles
SanSwiss s.r.o. - production of shower enclosures
RONAL CR s.r.o. - alloy wheels for passenger cars
HYDRA a.s. - production of consumer capacitors
VAV-tuning s.r.o. - construction, modification and conversion motocycles of Harley Davidson, spare parts and accessories
ENIKA spol. s r.o. - manufacture of lighting technology
AV ENGINEERING, a.s. - development and construction services in engineering
BATTEX, spol. s r.o. - batteries and accumulators
COLOP CZ, s.r.o. - production of stamps
ORBIT MERRET spol. s r.o. - digital panel measuring instruments and transducers
ABB s.r.o. Elektro Praga - production and distribution of wiring materials
Milan Mencl - production models and metal components
JESVA s.r.o. - resistance welding equipment and welding equipment for automotive industry
Strojírny HOLDING a.s. - production of equipment and machinery for production engineering
PROPOS - PROUZA, spol. s r.o. - plastic production
SIEMENS ELEKTROMOTORY s.r.o. - production of low-voltage induction motors
TEPAS s.r.o. - production and processing of plastics
Tomáš Drbohlav - PLASTOMA - mill plastics
Martin Mencl - T-PLAST - production of moldings from plastic materials
ZB KOVOVÝROBA s.r.o. - metal production and metalworking 
EESA s.r.o. - magnet-inductive flowmeters and heat meters
P-Kvartet s.r.o. - household production of plastics and metals
Menfis, s.r.o. - ground work and road transport
Tucker s.r.o. - production of car accessories and assembly equipment
Innomia a.s. - design, development and production plastic and metal parts
EUROPACK s.r.o. - lastics processing, laser technology and trade with commodity
Strojírny Hedvikov s.r.o. - design and manufacture tools, supply of special forms and instruments
Multi-Wing CZ, s.r.o. - the world leader in axial impellers.

 Main our foreign customers:

COLOP Skopek GesmbH+Co KG Stempelerzeugung 


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